Banning kids from watching TV is a bad idea: Here’s why

Banning kids from watching TV is a bad idea: Here’s why

Despite the prevalence of screens today – and how much parents use them – they still aren’t sure about their kids and screens. When it comes to their kids, parents want the best. So, if there is reason to believe that watching TV is bad for your kids, you’ll of course want to take steps to protect them.

The thing is, banning your kids from watching TV is a bad idea. Yes, you read that correctly. Here’s why:

1. It’s inevitable

In case you haven’t noticed, screens are everywhere. You’re reading this on a screen right now. Society has embraced interactive technology and that isn’t going to change any time soon. Your role as a parent is to not only protect your children but to prepare them for the world too. Screens are going to be a part of their lives so banning them is only keeping them away from the inevitable.

2. You’ll make it more desirable

When someone says you can’t do something, what’s the first thing that you want to do? Your kids have the same impulse. The thing is, TV isn’t bad. It’s actually harmless. One thing that will drive your kids to watch too much TV is by banning them from it. This means they may start sneaking TV viewing when you aren’t around or constantly bugging you to enjoy it.

So what can you do?

The answer is to foster a healthy relationship between your kids and TV. As we mentioned, TV isn’t actually a bad thing. TV watching only becomes unhealthy when it’s done too much or the wrong content is being viewed. Here is how you can make TV watching a positive:

Choose the right content:

The first place to start is by showing your children TV shows that are actually good for them. For example, there are some great free kid’s cartoons that are as educational as they are fun. It’s like giving your child a healthy snack that tastes good – everyone gets what they want.

Expose them to multiple things:

If your kids have lots of interests and hobbies, they’ll want to do those things over watching TV. This may mean a lot of car trips and running around, but If you want your kids to enjoy things other than TV, you need to help them along the way.

Lead by example:

If you’re watching TV all the time, can you really be surprised if your kids want to do the same? Show them what a healthy relationship with screens looks like, and they will follow suit.

Make it part of their routine:

Lastly, give them a little bit of what they want by making it part of their routine. For example, you could allow 30 minutes of the TV whilst eating breakfast. This is a compromise that will help you and let your kids enjoy themselves.

Final Thoughts

By approaching TV watching in the right way, you can help your children and let them have fun at the same time!