Online MBA Programmes for International Students

Online MBA Programmes for International Students

The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) reported that 45,038 students opted for Online MBA programmes in the academic year 2020–2021,  in the United States alone. This number has surpassed the enrolment in conventional MBA programmes having 43,740 students enrolled in total.

This data clearly reflects how online learning has taken over the realm of management education. Especially after the pandemic, the popularity of Online MBA courses has increased significantly. Due to this, most universities have uplifted and transitioned their MBA programmes into more dynamic learning environments. One important reason behind this drastic transition is the fact that, unlike traditional MBA, Online MBA saves us from the old-fashioned boring lectures.

Let us explore the world of Online MBA programmes for international students around the world.

List of Online MBA Programmes for International Students

An Online MBA degree is a forever investment in your career. The surge of MBA graduates is increasing along with which the salary packages are also increasing. The management world requires highly skilled and focused graduates with experience. The Online MBA programme has got all the right ring to it. Let us explore the world of success and skills:

University Programme Name Duration
MIT Sloan School of Management,
Cambridge, USA
MITx MicroMasters in Management 9 Months
University of Edinburgh Business School.
Edinburgh, UK
Online MBA 33 Months (Part-time)
ESSEC Business School,
Paris, France & Singapore
EMBA Online 66 Days
IE Business School.
Madrid, Spain
IE Online Global MBA Between 10 and 30 months
Monash University.
Melbourne, Australia
Master of Business Administration (Online) 24 Months

1. MIT Sloan School of Management: MITx MicroMasters in Management

This online MBA is the most common type of program, and it covers all the core business subjects, such as finance, marketing, accounting, and operations.

Gain professional momentum or expedite your Master’s degree with an MIT graduate-level digital certification. For an amazing, dynamic and practical experience, this program is the right choice. It provides a highly concentrated advancement and welcomes online learners from anywhere. Knock on the doors of the life-changing experience with a MicroMasters programme certificate from MIT Open Learning. Enrol in a programme through edX or MITx Online, without having to be admitted, and attend a sequence of graduate-level online courses taught by MIT faculty. After finishing the course and passing one or more proctored tests, you can get the programme credential. The fees of the program are $7,485 total in total. You can check for different international student scholarships.

Benefits of having a credential include the ability to apply for MIT’s and other route institutions’ expedited master’s degree programmes, as well as the ability to list your credentials on professional profiles. If you complete the MicroMasters programme can also join the MIT Alumni Association as affiliates.

2. University of Edinburgh Business School: Online Global MBA

You will gain the benefit of top-notch instruction through the Edinburgh online MBA, which is fully online. Enrol in the welcoming, international class and study with them for the duration of the course.

You can access the majority of the program’s content at your convenience. Students in the programme can also benefit from a variety of experiences and viewpoints. You will be able to engage with your classmates in real-time online tutorials as part of the dynamic learning experience that this online MBA programme offers. The total fee is $52,725. You can check out the latest scholarship programs and apply for different international student scholarships.

For two years and nine months, you can learn in a supportive environment while juggling other responsibilities with confidence thanks to this part-time online programme.

3. ESSEC Business School: EMBA Online

This programme is meant to encourage creativity and apply newly acquired classroom abilities from your book knowledge. Through the college’s projects, you might test an idea for an entrepreneurial venture by starting a new firm or improving a product or market inside an already-existing one.

The program’s excellent cross-cultural business viewpoint is a result of its culturally varied classrooms and residencies in both Asia and the United States.

A group of experienced coaches and mentors will collaborate with you to personalise innovative coaching methods regularly. You will receive individualised guidance from them as you evaluate and develop your potential, values, and strengths.

The total fee for the program is €58,800. You can check out for latest scholarships.

4. IE Business School: IE Online Global MBA

Immerse yourself in a global tapestry of talent and build lasting connections. At IE Business School, the university cultivate a vibrant international community where you’ll forge meaningful relationships with students representing over 140 countries. This diverse tapestry extends beyond nationalities, encompassing industry experience across various sectors.

The program actively fosters authentic interactions and facilitates the construction of a robust worldwide network that will empower your professional journey long after graduation. The fee for the course is €51,000.

5. Monash University: Online MBA

Through this online MBA, you’ll be able to turn any challenges you face in the future into possibilities that will shape your career, regardless of whether you work for a corporation or have huge plans to launch your venture. Upon completion of the Graduate Certificate of Business Administration (Digital), you will have a dynamic leadership perspective that is personalised to your future objectives.

You will be fully prepared to maintain and adapt your skills to meet the demands of the industry. This online MBA coursework comes with great project learning. The total fee of the program is $61,200.

Online MBA Programs for International Students at Indian Universities

University Program Name Duration
Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB).
Bangalore, India
Executive MBA Online (ExMBA-O) 24 Months
SP Jain Institute of Management and Research.
Mumbai, India
Global MBA – Online 18 Months
Great Lakes Institute of Management (GLIM).
Chennai, India
Executive MBA Online (EMBA-O) 24 Months
NMIMS School of Business Management (NMIMS).
Mumbai, India
Global Executive MBA (GEMBA) – Online 2-4 Years
Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM).
Pune, India
Executive MBA Online (EMBA-O) 04 Years

India has amazing opportunities for international students around the globe. Many universities provide an online MBA course or certification. Most of these coursework are user-friendly, pocket-friendly and explorative. Let us check out some of the top online MBA programs for international students in India.

1. Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB): Executive MBA Online (ExMBA-O)

IIM Banglore provides both short-term and long-term MBA courses. IIM Bangalore offers three to six-day Short Duration Executive Education programmes covering a range of subjects, including strategy, leadership, functional skills, HR, technology, analytics, operations, and innovation.  They are appropriate for executives in the workforce who want to learn particular skills and information. Various management disciplines, including strategy, leadership, innovation, data analytics, innovation, entrepreneurship, marketing, technology, and operations, are covered by the SDPs (Short Duration Programmes). Certain programmes are tailored and contextualised for specific industries, while other programmes are not sector-specific.

Part-time certification programs with a duration of two to twelve months are available through IIM Bangalore’s Long Duration Programmes. They help working executives meet their needs by providing them with generic or industry-specific General Management skills, such as those related to Aerospace & Aviation, Healthcare, Information Technology, Public Policy, Media & Entertainment, etc.

IIM Banglore also provides personalised custom programmes. Custom programmes are specially created to address the needs of the organization(s) and produce learning solutions that are relevant to their difficulties. They aim to improve organisational capabilities and have a positive impact. Depending on the demands of the clients, the courses might have a long duration (minimum three days) or a short duration. The course fee depends on which program you have chosen. You can check for each coursework on the IIM Banglore website.

2. SP Jain Institute of Management and Research: Global MBA – Online

The goal of the SP Jain Executive MBA (EMBA) is to empower you to become the skilled leader your future company requires in the modern era by enhancing your managerial and leadership competencies and equipping you with the abilities necessary to recognise and seize difficult opportunities. The 18-month, part-time MBA programme is designed to accommodate working professionals’ hectic schedules. Our state-of-the-art Engaged Learning Online (ELO) technology, which provides an immersive classroom-like experience, allows it to be provided in a convenient virtual format. The total fee is between 3-4 lakhs INR.

3. Great Lakes Institute of Management (GLIM): Executive MBA Online (EMBA-O)

The GLIM executive online MBA program has opportunities for everyone around the globe. The programme is centred on learning on your schedule, without having to leave your employment. Its dedicated programme manager keeps tabs on developments and responds to inquiries. Case studies and capstone projects will be used to provide you with practical training. Additionally, the programme enhanced networking among peers from other businesses. The fee is between 10-12 Lakhs in INR.

4. NMIMS School of Business Management (NMIMS)

The most important part of any institute is that NMIMS Distance Learning courses are widely acknowledged by both domestic and foreign organisations. The university offers working professionals the greatest programmes because it has all the necessary permissions and a top-tier level education council. Generous, well-structured, and adaptable case studies are advantageous to students as they offer the most effective experiential learning opportunities and enhance their capacity for problem-solving.

Due to the difficulty of interacting and communicating with peers and instructors, students frequently do not get the most out of an online course. Through the development and reinforcement of peer and teacher relationships, NMIMS Distance Programmes provide you with the benefits of a traditional MBA. The total fee is 4.5 Lakhs.

5. Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM): Executive MBA Online (EMBA)

Take advantage of the opportunity to stand out in the competitive business world of today by enrolling in the “Online MBA Degree Programme” offered by Symbiosis School for Online and Digital Learning (SSODL). This programme is specifically designed to help you improve your strategic intelligence. Leading Symbiosis B-School specialists developed the curriculum, and qualified instructors teach it, guaranteeing that you will get the best education possible.  The online MBA program fee is 3 lakhs.


Launch your career and discover your potential as a leader in the exciting field of online MBAs! Today’s programmes offer intensive experiences that prepare you with global business skills; forget boring lectures. Pick a college of your choice, go through the coursework and what works the best for you.

Select from respected colleges across the globe, interact with people from across the world, and study at your speed with the utmost flexibility. Invest in your future by developing leadership and in-demand skills, which will accelerate your professional growth and increase your earning potential. View our extensive guide, which includes programmes, costs, and deadlines. Begin your online MBA adventure right now to take the first step towards a better future!