The Top 5 Best Names In The World Of Mathematics

The Top 5 Best Names In The World Of Mathematics

Did you know that a maths tuition centre in Singapore can help you master the subject and achieve fame? Most famous mathematicians have grasped mathematics from the most basic to advanced topics. With their expertise in maths, they contributed some concepts and theories students currently use today.

To motivate you to ace your A level maths tuition in Singapore, be inspired by these five famous mathematicians.


Besides enrolling in a maths tuition centre in Singapore, setting Pythagoras as your motivation can also work! He owes his standing as one of the most famous names in maths because of the Pythagoras theorem, which tackles angles and triangles.


Did you know that Euclid spent all his life studying and discovering revolutionary mathematical contributions? Known as the Father of Geometry, Euclid discovered the Euclid theorem and the Euclidean Algorithm.


Archimedes was notable for his massive contributions to geometry, making him known as the Father of Mathematics. If you are studying secondary maths tuition in Singapore, you will meet Archimedes through integral calculus and his study regarding spheres and cylinders.


Aristotle contributed to the two core concerns in mathematics, the principles to avoid infinite regresses and the axioms or posits. The famous mathematician combines mathematics, philosophy, and science to help students understand them better.


At secondary maths tuition centres in Singapore, you may also encounter the Father of Algebra, which is Diophantus. He contributed Arithmetica, mathematical notations, abbreviations for the power of numbers, and Syncopated algebra.

Enrolling in secondary maths tuition centres in Singapore, persistent reading and reviewing, and setting your mindset toward success can help you achieve your goals and ace your maths exams. Who knows, maybe one day, you will be as famous as these mathematicians and contribute a concept or theory too?

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