4 Challenges Of Pursuing A Master Degree In Singapore

After getting their bachelor’s degree, many people think about pursuing graduate studies as a career bolster. People with a master degree in Singapore are highly likely to get hired for a higher position and have higher salaries compared to those who only bear a bachelor’s degree. It also helps build their reputation and credibility among their peers within the industry.

However, taking MBA courses in Singapore is easier said than done. Many students struggle along the way primarily because they get overwhelmed by the unexpected challenges of the journey.

Here are the challenges people face when pursuing masters courses in Singapore:

  1. Finances

Unless you are from an affluent family who does not need to support yourself for study, finances are never a problem. But for many who need to juggle their time between their family, work, and studies, finances can be a major problem. The reality is some students cannot let go of their day job to focus on their MBA program in Singapore because they have to support themselves with food, shelter, and utilities.

Thankfully, some universities and programmes offer scholarship grants and student loans for people pursuing graduate studies. These financial aids can lift their expense burden a bit.

  1. Time management

As mentioned, students divide their time between their day job, studies, family, social life, and themselves. However, some people just fail to do so. Some sacrifice their social life and family time to allot more time to their studies and work.

This problem causes issues within the personal lives of the students. The students must find the right time balance for their relationships.

  1. Mental health

As mentioned, social life and relationships crack because of the lack of time. In addition, pressure from peers and professors also stresses the students.

The lack of sleep and unhealthy diet also worsen the mental health state of the students. They become more stressed, and experience anxiety and panic attacks. Have a support system with you when pursuing masters courses in Singapore.

  1. Grade obsession

It is not terrible to have a goal and aim for the highest grades when achieving a master degree in Singapore. However, it puts unnecessary pressure on the students, leading to disappointment.

The key is to set SMART goals. SMART stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound.

Be prepared to face these challenges in the MBA program in Singapore.

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