6 Ways on How to Spark Your Child’s Interest in Learning Chinese

6 Ways on How to Spark Your Child’s Interest in Learning Chinese

Encouraging your child to learn Chinese can be challenging, especially if they lack exposure. The good news is that with these six tried-and-true strategies, your children will be speaking in Mandarin in no time.

1. Enrol them in classes

Being in a Chinese tuition centre in Singapore can help keep them interested. Choosing 30-minute classes instead of a longer one helps keep their mood up and makes it easier for them to absorb new material.

2. Make it a fun experience

Children can learn the Chinese language and culture creatively by using everyday events as teaching tools. You may even let them join a Mandarin holiday camp in Singapore where they can enjoy it with other kids.

3. Play games

Playing games can help your child learn a new language more actively and effectively. When picking an activity for your kids to play with, think about how it will assist them in improving their Chinese language skills. A Chinese tuition centre in Singapore also creates the same approach.

4. Converse with them

It’s acceptable first to use English as a coping mechanism. Begin with little effort so that speaking Mandarin to their peers becomes more accessible and more manageable with time. Signing them up for a Chinese holiday programme in Singapore aims to make Mandarin a more familiar language.

5. Let them watch Chinese cartoons

Some children learn and adapt knowledge through watching and listening. After their online Chinese tuition class in Singapore, you can use it as an opportunity in their leisure time to learn.

6. Show them the culture

Organise weekend trips to Chinese-themed destinations. Introducing your child to areas rich in Chinese history and culture will help solidify their understanding of the language and instil a sense of national pride. Aside from being in a Mandarin holiday camp in Singapore, they get to see things they learn personally.

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