What Is Homeschooling, And How Is It Better Than Regular Schools?

What Is Homeschooling, And How Is It Better Than Regular Schools?

In the philosophy of parenting, it is believed that the more a parent takes an interest in a child’s life, the better the child’s growth is. The more involved a parent is in a child’s life, the better the child’s development happens emotionally and physically. Although, not every parent takes an interest or has the time for it. Nevertheless, when covid hit, most parents had to teach their children because schools were shut down, and they were confused about “what is homeschooling” (homeschooling คือ, which is the term in Thai). In the quarantine, parents realized the importance of interacting and spending time with their children, strengthening their connection.

The idea of homeschooling first began in covid when children were stuck at home with their parents and were asked to continue their education. The schools helped the parents with the process; since then, home schools have been more appreciated than traditional schools. A new type, i.e., online homeschooling, is employed more as teachers help the parents through the education process. Homeschool offers multiple courses, which range from part-time to full-time courses.

Benefits Of Homeschooling

· Personalized Schooling

The layout of homeschooling allows parents and teachers to work together to provide learning and education. Instead of a room full of children, in a homeschooling system, one child gets the undivided attention of attention without any disruptions. It is a one-on-one learning experience for students to ensure more growth and focus on their studies. Homeschooling takes a more holistic approach to education and studies. It even allows parents to take responsibility and make decisions for their child’s education.

· Anywhere Education

When compared to traditional schooling, homeschooling does not require any institution. A student can attend classes while sitting in any part of the world. Due to homeschooling, students do not have to miss classes for reasons such as travel, riots, and weather problems. Although, online homeschooling uses a standard school calendar for holidays and events.

· Discipline And Motivation

Students attending classes from home are very high on time management and are self-motivated to study and explore. Instead of just focusing on the marks, homeschooling focuses on teaching students about responsibility and accountability. Homeschooling believes in the idea of developing holistic growth in student life. Due to homeschooling, students tend to interact more with their parents, which builds positive interpersonal relationships and acts as a foundation for future relationships.