What To Expect on Your Child’s First Year of Preschool in Singapore

What To Expect on Your Child’s First Year of Preschool in Singapore

Leaving your child in the hands of others can be difficult. The first day of preschool in Singapore is the first time you’ll be apart from your child, surrounded by peers and professionals that will help mould them into what kind of person they’ll become. But how do you know that you can trust them with your child?

One thing to look into when looking for a preschool is its curriculum. When looking at a preschool curriculum in Singapore, here are three green flags that let you know you picked the right school.

They build your child’s confidence.

A child doesn’t just go to preschool to learn how to read and write. The age of six months to three years old is considered the ‘golden window’ of learning for a child because of how quickly their brain grows during that period. Therefore, a preschool curriculum in Singapore that focuses on developing a child’s intrapersonal skills is crucial. Teachers should build students up, encourage them when they do well and let them create a better sense of self.

They encourage socialisation.

Teachers should possess the best childcare skills in Singapore and build healthy relationships with their students. These healthy relationships influence their behaviour with the other children in the class. Since children tend to imitate, being treated kindly by authority figures will lead them to treat their peers kindly. These interactions will develop the child’s sense of self and social and emotional intelligence.

Cover all the basics.

Finally, when looking for the best preschool in Singapore, the material they cover during classes should be a sufficient foundation for your child. Future lessons depend on how strong that foundation is. Teachers should build up their vocabulary and teach the basics of science and maths. It’s also crucial to help students practice their sensory and motor skills.

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