Why Do You Need To Study English Grammar?

Why Do You Need To Study English Grammar?

People sometimes say that grammar doesn’t matter anymore, and it is more common in a society where they are using slang languages or texting. But in a professional society, correct grammar plays a crucial role. You can write better job applications, articles, proposals, and books when you learn grammar. Conversely, when you make grammar errors, it will show that you don’t have any attention to detail, and also, it can put employers off hiring you.

Reasons Why You Need To Learn Grammar

Whether you are firing a new employee or looking for a job, or marketing a service, how you write or speak impacts your perception of people, when you learn grammar (เรียน grammar, which is the term in Thai), you can come across as more educated, intelligent, and professional without a doubt. However, if you are a writer, you can put off several clients with poor grammar. Even though minor errors are ignored, the entire writing having a lot of grammatical mistakes suggests that you don’t have a perfect eye for detail. You can text with poor grammar, but you must have fine grammar skills while writing an essay or a sales pitch.

Communicate Clearly

  • You Can Easily Communicate Clearly

When you have excellent grammar skills, especially in the written language. Grammar skills also allow you to use the words and punctuations ideally so that the readers can easily understand. Good grammar skills can let you educate, inform and entertain your readers perfectly.

  • Communicate Perfectly With Spoken Language

Grammar indeed plays a crucial role in the written language, but it also plays a significant role in the spoken language. Even though there are no strict rules for spoken language, grammatical errors cannot be ignored in speech. When you make too many grammatical errors while speaking, you sound pretty distracting to the audience, which is a big turnoff, especially if you attend to a vast crowd. The grammatical errors also make it challenging for people to understand the meaning of your speech.

  • Understanding And Applying The Grammatical Rules

When you know basic grammar, you can have the ability to apply and understand the uses of grammar rules. Even if you don’t know all the rules, you can understand how to use the language ideally if you know the basic concepts.